Digital Storytelling, Richmond College Prep


The students at RCP and Unity love working with Chris Wood as they explore digital Storytelling in class to express their creative spirit. They’ve now created wonderful projects using videography techniques and Adobe software. Some students who have taken this class are inspired to pursue the arts as a passion and career now, other students simply love it as a way for them to express themselves in a safe space.

Permaculture, Richmond College Prep


In our permaculture class students learn to develop deeper connections to the earth that sustains us. They understand how we relate to ecology everyday and apply lessons of nature to be kinder, more compassionate members of the community.

Game Design, Richmond College Prep


In our video game design class, our students learn the inns and outs of Video Game Design. Their instructor helps them harness their passion for playing video games as well as learning how to create them starting from scratch using Unity and Autodesk Fusion 360 software.

Young Rappers EP, Richmond College Prep


Science, Richmond College Prep


Maker's Space, Richmond College Prep


Gym, Richmond College Prep