About Us

The After-School All-Stars (ASAS) mission established at our founding, to give children the tools they need to have successful futures, has remained constant. In 1993 we were founded with a focus on using health and fitness to help at-risk youth get back on track. Today, we are comprehensive after-school providers focused on fueling our students’ passions by tying their interests to academic support, enrichment activities and healthy and fitness programs that instill the confidence and resilience they’ll need for success in school and life.


HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT: We serve students who live in poverty, are under-served and live in concentrated areas of crime and lack of opportunity in Urban neighborhoods. The program is FREE for students and the program is rooted in empathy, innovation and in student-centered learning. The GOAL is to provide irresistible experiences for our students and foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, ownership, and entrepreneurship. Our programs are built in collaboration with Designers, Engineers, Architects, Artist and Entrepreneurs to ensure our students of color are equipped with skills to participate in the new economy and helping to build a diverse pipeline of employees for the industry.

Our program empowers middle and high school students to learn and practice 21st century skills through experiential service and social entrepreneurship. A few examples: Social Emotional Learning taught with Design Thinking, Game Design, Maker Skills taught with Enterpreurship.

Our work is rooted in design thinking, a creative problem solving and innovation discovery process developed at Stanford University’s d.school. We believe creativity is not magic but a rigorous curriculum. We are designing and offering irresistible learning experiences to ignite the inherent creativity in students through the practice of the design thinking modes and mindsets to help our kids in low income neighborhoods to become their own designers of creative paths.

We believe that students learn best: 1) by doing, 2) in groups, and 3) through real world projects. Our program goes beyond classes by giving students access to real challenges and advisors who work in the field. This unprecedented exposure to the industry helps foster natural talents, interests, and individual potentials. We give students real-time opportunities to carve the career path they wish to take.

For more information about our national organization and our efforts in other cities, please visit www.as-as.org.





ASAS Bay Area


With generous seed funding from the New York Life Foundation, ASAS is able to launch programs in the San Francisco Bay Area this school year. New York Life’s investment will provide programming to kids in need of enriching and engaging after-school experiences. ASAS is thrilled to contribute to the work of offering quality education to all children in California.