April Newsletter

The Arts in April!

“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.”— President Barack Obama

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”— Scott Adams


ProArts At Claremont

The students at Claremont love working with Ms. Kate as they explore various mediums in class to express their creative spirit. They’ve now created beautiful projects using techniques such as marbling, stenciling, quilling, and printmaking amongst various others. Some students who have taken this class are inspired to pursue the arts as a passion and career now, other students simply love it as a way for them to express themselves in a safe space. The ProArts program at Claremont would definitely be considered a student favorite.

“Ms. Kate has taught me so much! (laughs) She honestly was my inspiration in applying to OSA for their visual arts program.”—Demi

“I like that we get to learn different ways to express how we feel in this class. Even when I'm having a bad day, Ms. Kate helps me find a way to put that into my art.”—Angel

“I like that we learn something new every class. I didn't think I could draw until I took this class.”—Destiney

“When I got to present my work at the showcase, I really felt like an artist. That was my favorite part of this class.”—Dallas

Exploring the Fine Arts at RCP

Ms. Lunnon at RCP has cultivated a super fun exploratory atmosphere in her fine arts class. Students focus a lot on drawing and painting mediums to express themselves, and to relax after school. The class is a close-knit group of students who have really built a fun and exciting art community with the guidance of Ms. Lunnon.

“I love art class because you can create a whole bunch of things, draw whatever you want, and be creative.”—Javon

“Art class is awesome because you get to draw and practice 
using your skills.”

“I like art class because it helps me express my feelings 
and it's exciting.”


Music Production at RCP

Student’s in Wordy’s Music Production class at RCP have really started finding their rhythm and beats. Wordy’s fun, relaxed, and caring persona has really helped his students find their voices and creativity through beat-making and producing. His students now have learned another way to express themselves, and have fun with each other working together at the same time.

“It's been such a great experience teaching. The students are really finding their voice. They are not only learning about the industry but also using their skills to make their own music!”—Elwin “Wordy,” Lead Instructor

“I love music production because you can express all your feelings!”—Alan

“I love music production class because it helps express how I feel and it's fun. Wordy is a great teacher!”—Paloma

“I like this class because it's really fun and we get to experience making own beats and songs and we can get to know people and have fun with each other.”—Julie

Amazon Fireside Chat

Professionals from Amazon’s data security, IT, and engineering teams came to RCP to visit the students in Makerspace class for a Fireside Chat and to check out what the students have been making this year. They were greeted by excited groups of students who wanted to share their newfound expertise around their processes on how to cast concrete, make finger-joint boxes with the laser cutter, and perspective drawing. The professionals then shared their insight on what life was like for them growing up, how to overcome challenges, and how to succeed across multiple subjects and passions in life.

Field Trip to Perkins and Will

Perkins+Will San Francisco had a great time hosting middle school students from Richmond College Prep for an office tour this week. These students are enrolled in After-School All-Stars, a national, non-profit organization that partners with schools across the U.S. to expand learning for low-income children. ASAS's main initiative is to provide creative and innovative after-school programs for schools in under-served communities. The program is dedicated to making sure after-school time is beneficial to students through learning, skill development, and exposure to a range of creative fields. These are our designers of the future!”—Perkins and Will Rep 


Service Learning: Mid-City Meals

On Saturday, February 24th a ground of 35 students, ASAS staff and members of Mid-City Meals canvased Downtown Oakland to distribute meals to our homeless community. In less than an hour, 250 meal packages and hygiene bags were given to folks along the San Pablo corridor speaking to the high need for basic necessities. Students were able to assemble the meal packages the day prior filled with healthy snacks, water, fresh fruit, and sandwiches or wraps of which were happily received by the community. Our final distribution of the school year will take place on Saturday, April 21st in aims of meeting our school year Impact goal of 750 meals distributed.


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